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Feb 15, 2013 9:00am EST
already? oh, my gosh. these pictures in russia, western siberia. reports now that this meteor, which landed, has injured some 500 people, although the cars barely noticed. people just kept driving. >> eyes on the road, they're focused. >> the meteor shower created a 125 mile long sonic boom. many of the injured were hurt by sonic glass. the ministry is urging people not to panic. the g-20 is happening basically 1,000 miles away. unrelated to the asteroid which is going to fly by closely today as well, which people are afraid could knock out some satellites. only about like 19,000 miles in the air. don't panic. if glass is going to shatter randomly in your home, that's a little panic worthy, but -- >> when we come back, is now the time the bet on bonds? we'll hear from the man barren is calling the best around. also, an exclusive with kevin plank. he'll explain how his company plans to score with its new concept score. we had a little tick up, but still, that industrial production number was a slight risk. more straight ahead. i know what you're thinking... transit fares! as in the 37
Feb 6, 2013 9:00am EST
? part of the problem. sensible way you think we to war with russia and china. russia is selling everybody oil and all they care about is their own crony capitalism. china is our biggest creditor and have no interest in a war with us. we should not be spending money on these things. >> one of my refrains has been stop spending, stop spending, stop spending and there's a similarity between our current discussion and what we learned about the post office. what gripes me most about the post office, i understand they lost $16 billion last year but that's not the worst part, they have skipped two years of payments totaling over $11 billion for some of the retiree benefits. it is stop spending but maybe overpromising is this reason. i think that applies here as well m. your final thought, only a few seconds left. going to defeat the spenders and tax-spend borrow forces of the democratic party tactically the republicans do a pivot and get smart leading the effort to cut defense spending. it's the only way forward. >> thanks for being our guest. carl, all yours. >> rick, come back to you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2